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This list shows just a sample overview of services provided by participating consultants. If you have any needs beyond this scope, we might be able to point you to the right partners and establish a contact or manage the project on your behalf.

Purchase Planning

Finding the right aircraft for your needs is the key to a satisfactory ownership experience. Based on your mission profile and budget we will help you to find the new or used aircraft that fits it's role best.

Aircraft Appraisal

Only appraisals can provide you with certified values of used aircraft. Furthermore, all records and the conditions of all major aircraft systems are reviewed and summarized in a detailed report to give you confidence in the value of your investment.

As a quick, low cost reference we can provide Bluebook valuations for many aircraft models based on manufacturing date, engine / flight hours and equipment.

Certification and Registration Support

Ranging from the paperwork needed for the registration of an imported aircraft, compliance with minimum equipment requirements or handling of modifications, our goal is to guide you towards a trouble-free operation, spending time in the air as soon as possible.

Maintenance Handling

Proper planning, supervision, acceptance and documentation of maintenance events saves time and is a key factor for efficient operation. Ranging from single engine to large business aircraft, a significant potential is often found in the optimization of inspection schedules. Properly ant timely ordered maintenance events are always finished faster without confusion and uncertainty.

Evaluation of Aircraft Records

Especially for older aircraft, the reconstruction of technical data such as modifications performed, airworthiness directive and service bulletin status and applicability can become quite challenging. By professional evaluation of your aircraft and component records a proper standard and high level of safety can be established.

Services for Technical Organizations

Changes required to comply with modified regulations, new publications, the optimization of processes and other tasks which are difficult to fit into the schedule of normal operations create challenges for both continuing airworthiness management and maintenance organizations. Sometimes a brief review could already help to find and eleminate weak points, professional external audit services are provided in cooperation with an experienced international partner company.

Depending on workload and approval by the competent authority, consultants may also be available to fill key positions on interim or long term contracts. This may include assignments as postholder continuing airworthiness, quality manager, airworthiness review staff and many more.


Courses and training sessions covering many aspects of aviation technology and regulations adapted to your specific needs can be provided. Seminars also extending into aviation quality management and operations are held by an international training partner.